Whole Brain Teaching

I came across a remarkable video yesterday, a clip that troubles my already troubled mind.   It is a good thing that people are looking for innovative ways to engage and teach children, but take a look at THIS VIDEO and see if you have any concerns with what’s going on in this third grade classroom.

I’ve cued it up to 3:41, just before the enthusiastic and charismatic young teacher, a rising superstar in the WBT firmament, lays out the rules of Whole Brain Teaching.  They are as follows:

Follow directions quickly;

Raise your hand for permission to speak;

Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat;

Make smart choices;

Keep your dear teacher happy.

Turn to your partner and say “that was awesome!”  and the eight year-olds chant in cadence “That was awesome!!!”  And got a point for their enthusiasm and quick obedience.  With enough points, and few enough demerits, they will earn an extra sixty seconds of recess.

Nothing wrong with these rules, I suppose, but…. watch the video.

Meantime, there is a head to be banged on a wall, in that same child-like cadence.


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