A More Rational World Would Be Nice

I was directed to a right wing website just now to read about some legislation considered insane and outrageous by Rush Limbaugh.   When I was done reading about three sickening bills a liberal governor had just signed, one involving illegal aliens, another promoting homosexual parenting and a third making early-term abortions easier to obtain and more affordable, I was invited to participate in this poll.   Rather than participate in that exercise in democracy by knee jerk I copied the invite and share it here.


Our world is not run on a strictly rational basis.   Still, I was struck by the subtle thumb on the scale of this VOTE NOW! popup.   Without knowing anything about who these two are or what they represent, are you going to vote for the stubborn looking guy on the left, mouth drawn tightly into a hard line, who can’t even look at the camera?  He’s in a pose everybody knows means he’s hiding something, probably because he’s so damned wrong and knows it.  He’s been caught in a lie, and not for the first time either, by the looks of that closed face.  I think most Americans, even minorities, would have to side with the forthright man on the right.  He’s firm, and ready for a fight over important values.  You can tell by looking at him.

That black guy, or South American, or Pacific Islander or whatever he is, is clearly wrong on this issue.  I mean, just look at the two of them and decide for yourself.

Your vote is important, the exclamation point tells us, because that’s the cornerstone of democracy, people thinking for themselves, making the right choices, casting their votes and living with the laws that are duly passed.  Although, sometimes millions vote, laws are debated and passed, challenged in the Supreme Court and left standing, and other means become necessary for forthright men like the fighter on the right side of the screen to stop a particular law from going into effect.  You know, if some sweeping law like, say, the Civil Rights Act, really, really offends you, you need to take steps to make sure it can’t be forced on you or anyone else.  Don’t rule out closing down the entire government, if that’s what it takes to stop it.

This is the hard business of having a vision, I suppose, and the kind of deep seated, firmly held belief that kept American heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr. going– just because something is the law doesn’t make it right.

Or maybe we need two other photos to help us decide which man is the embodiment of intransigent flagrantly anti-democratic assholes in this equation.


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