Three Minute Drill– Gratefulness Journal

I pop open the little black gratefulness journal I’ve been carrying to make notes in while I ride the subway.  I wonder if my friend is using his to record the many daily opportunities to feel grateful.  Some of the entries may seem weak, but I’m grateful not to worry about that.

F 10-18 

Friday– running late, as so often I run, grateful that bitter silence does not manage to drown a dream I’ve dreamed since I started dreaming.

Th 10-17

Vulnerability is an ambiguous gift, it makes you worry about accepting it.  There are other great gifts like that, for sure.  If I didn’t have fear, I couldn’t be brave.

M 10-14

gratefulness is its own reward

Sat 10-12

gratefulness for excitement over ideas

gratefulness for ideas

gratefulness for being grateful

I know you are, but what am I?



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