Writing is as easy as crapping to some people

And when I say writing is as easy as crapping to some people, I’m not talking about people who don’t move their bowels once or twice every day.

Guy writes:

And my apology to anyone who may have felt slighted or stepped on by me as I attempted to chair an open and productive meeting.  

I’d intended to mention the changes in myself (in addition to the changes in the group and in certain kids that we discussed) that I attribute to developing, and working in, the program:

increased patience, decreased temper
increased ability to focus and listen 
sense of purpose and accomplishment
regular recharge of the creative batteries from the kids
general satisfaction and more gratefulness
increased confidence
I think these are all real benefits.  I predict that many of them will be shared by anybody working in the program.   They will only increase when an actual living wage is attached to the work.

His biggest supporter, not buying any of this pie in the sky rhetoric, responds:

So…I’m not sure why you get defensive when the people who are your biggest supporters share ideas.   It’s kind of ironic when your motto is “We hear you” and then hold up a sign that is not supportive of expression.
I am in this primarily because of our friendship and desire to be a part of something that brings you joy and open hearted devotion.   Secondarily, my desire to be a part of something that inspires children’s creativity…… Not on my list at all…..is living up to anyone’s expectations….and certainly no desire to burn out or to be burned.
                  He spends the next day or two, instead of focusing on several important things he needs to do, figuring out how to reply to his biggest supporter’s peevishness without expressing how much her approach once again scorches his ass.  He thinks about the expression-crushing sign he held up “there are 1,000 reasons the thing won’t work, all we need is the one reason that it will” and shakes his head.    After all, sitting at a meeting criticizing all attempts that are not hitting the mark is valuable to everyone but an overbearing asshole, no?
As I said above, writing is as easy as crapping to some people.  That said, some people do not find it that easy to move their bowels.
That said, somebody who does not know the first thing about business:  financing, pricing, branding, advertising, marketing, accounting, leveraging, partnering, brokering, managing, staffing, HR, IT, etc., has no business dreaming big fucking dreams about helping kids in misery he has never even met.  It makes no difference that his program works– it only really works if it attracts investors and succeeds.
Better to help himself, I say.  Learn to get up at dawn and work 15 hours a day like everybody else who has a dream worth dreaming.
And try crapping less, my writerly friend.  Words are only worth something when you sell them in America.

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