I am always stunned, though of course, I should’t be, at my age, at how a few facts on the ground can change one’s perspective.  A thought that gives real hope can be the catalyst.  An intelligent comment by a supportive person.  A satisfying conversation with an actual human being on the phone, taking the time to answer all of your questions and sell you the product you need, with a 45 day money back guarantee.  A piece of solid new information that ends the wondering, which can be as exhausting and unproductive as a tongue poking and probing a disquieting new hole in a molar.

If we are lucky enough to have another person in our life to provide a few of these things, when the impulse for most of us is to try (and fail) to solve the problem and then worry along with the worried party– and a hell of a party that is– we should feel truly blessed.  

I vow to always try to be that person who gives what is needed to others in need, though it’s a mighty hard vow to keep, I vow it again, to always try.

If we are lucky enough to remember how quickly and stunningly our perspective can be shifted, from fear and worry to hopefulness, we are lucky enough indeed.


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