Symptom of Terminal Capitalism

After a young man named David Karp sold his internet creation Tumblr for something around a billion dollars the questions began.   Forbes asked how Karp would face the challenge of monetizing his somewhat idealistic invention, you know, because selling something for a billion dollars is only the first step in the insane dream that is today’s runaway capitalism.

I suppose Forbes was correct to ask that question, it’s a burning question its readers want to ponder– how do you turn one billion into two and then a hundred billion?

It may just be me, but living in a society that values and honors only the accumulation of vast unneeded profits, and wilfully ignores the misery the system creates, dismissing as externalities people poisoned, children starved, homes destroyed, the world made uninhabitable, hope effectively removed from millions and millions of lives, it grinds me down sometimes.

Evil is not only the deliberate bad things done to torture others, it is also the blind focus on acquiring more than can be spent in a thousand lifetimes and the vicious damage it casually causes out here where only the fittest are fit to survive.

On the other hand, I have to be thankful that runaway capitalism doesn’t give a rat’s ass about me and leaves me to live my life, as much as I can, by my ideals.   


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