When You Have Little Time

When you have little time, are up against the loudly ticking clock, counting down– that’s the moment to slow down a little.  Breathe for a moment, gather what’s left of yourself.   Do not be distracted by the chaos that may be swirling around you, there is not time for distraction. Apply yourself to the task in what time remains, give yourself your best shot at doing the thing well.      

Death is the score keeper, waiting grim and confident at the end of every life.  Do not worry about Death, which comes when it wants to.   Life is the matter at hand, and living it as well as you can.   The timer is always counting down, but it doesn’t stop us, most of the time.   “I will always be here for you,” the loving parent reassures the child, as children must sometimes be reassured.   Not true?   A matter of opinion.

“Why such morbid thoughts, my friend?”  asks nobody in particular.  

“I lost a dear friend yesterday, and I was philosophical when her daughter called to tell me, and grateful that I’d seen her less than a week ago.  I hadn’t seen her for a while, and she was almost 93, and I was planning to see her regularly going forward.  That plan has changed, I will not see her again.   I was philosophical yesterday, grateful I’d seen her, grateful that her death seems to have been painless, after a long, wonderful life, but now the pain of that finality is breaking through.”  

As, it seems, the pain of finality always does, in the end.


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