On Learning About Other Damage Done by High Blood Pressure

I’d been worried about having a stroke each time I saw 152/100 as my blood pressure reading.  I don’t know what the stroke range is, but I know 104/70 is closer to the blood pressure I want than the, at best, borderline 137/89 I’ve been consistently getting.

“Stop fooling around,” a doctor friend who takes hydrochloride and Avapro to control her high blood pressure told me the other day.  “Your numbers, once they get elevated like that, will not come back down by themselves, your body has changed.  You’re doing damage to your heart and kidneys if you don’t get it treated.”

I call my doctor the next day to get the prescription phoned in.  We’ve been “monitoring” things for almost a year now since his eyes opened lemurlike, alarmed at my reading.   Hard to get a call back from him, missed the one I did get yesterday.  I’ll try the well-meaning liberal again on Monday.  Too bad he doesn’t use email like my urologist, but no sense stressing over how hard he is to reach.

Doing push-ups just now I felt the thickening of my heart muscle, squeezing, no doubt compromised by my high blood pressure. Must be why I’m so tired all the time too.  My kidney so far has been quiet, but, from what I understand, kidneys usually are.  



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