What about this picture is not heartbreaking?   This little girl lived in a remote rural area where, from out of the sky, a Hellfire missile, launched from a circling remote control plane, killed everyone around her.  

The intelligence may or may not have been good that there were bad guys there, but the fragments of the missile found after the attack, falsely claimed by the cynical president of Yemen as launched by his government, were plainly identifiable as American-made.

Does it break your heart less to think that this little orphan girl will grow up hating the Americans who sent the drone to kill her loved ones, become a terrorist and deserve whatever fate a future administration may decide for her?


One comment on “Heartbreaking

  1. […] inspire.  When I saw I’d had a visitor from Yemen a few weeks ago I involuntarily pictured the face of that little Yemeni girl, confronted by the camera, after the rest of her family was blown apart by an American missile […]

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