Unreliable Narrator

I am that.  You can rely on that. 

I have a list here of ten forms of twisted thinking, given to me by a young woman who is learning the art of untwisting twisted thinking.  Let’s review them, just for the sake of discussion– or not.   I say “or not” because, when the choice is given it is often logical to choose ‘or not’.    

“Punch in the face, sir?”  

“I think I would prefer ‘or not’, if it’s all the same to you, sir.”  

Here then, the ten forms of twisted thinking:

All-or-Nothing Thinking  


Mental Filter  

Discounting the Positives

Jumping to Conclusions

Magnification (“binocular effect”)  

Emotional Reasoning  

“Should Statements”  

Labeling (an extreme form of All-or-Nothing Thinking)  

Personalization and Blame    

Now, without my characteristic, ceremonial discounting of the positives of such a list, or jumping to conclusions about its utility or lack of same, or labeling the list in any way, I wonder, as I ponder it for a moment between the objective complications of things that should be simple enough (ach…. a “Should Statement”)…

would you like to see a little movie?

Or not.  

What can be relied on, even with an unreliable narrator, is a narration.  Might make no sense to you, the complications of someone else’s life, the necessity to narrate, the compulsion even.   Wherefore this compulsion to narrate, sirrah?  Have you seen too many movies, knave, in which a protagonist’s inner battles are engagingly portrayed, making you churlish when people don’t listen when you speak of yours?   Do you enjoy the inner battles of others?  Hmmmm?  Well, maybe you do, maybe you’re that rare eccentric who finds that shit fascinating, but, more to the point: why not go to work like everyone else and do that most essential of things: shut the fuck up?  

Look, I’m no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of (insert number here) little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.  Dig it.  That was a classic moment in a great movie.  In your own life?   Pfffffft….

Redesigned the website so that it can be a calling card.  I did a massive amount of work, learning, tinkering and, I’ll be damned, it works now as a pretty cool calling card I can send out to people I am trying to network with.  The old site, frankly, sucked, and I can no longer update it, the webhosting company cannot figure out how to fix it, says it’s a WordPress issue.  I can’t get the upgraded site on-line under the domain name I purchased.  Very tricky, so tricky nobody so far can figure out how to do it.

Frustrating?  Oh, it certainly is.  

Did you know that WordPress, the free site where I tap these ruminations and post the delightful fare I serve up to a discerning trio of readers, is actually two entities, one a non-profit and the other a for-profit?   Or that when one signs up to get help at the forum at WordPress.org, (the non-profit) which I logged on to for help, it apparently automatically migrates your hosted website, in my case the amateurishly designed wehearyou.net, to the WordPress.org side?   Once on the .org side you can no longer choose to have WordPress.com host the damn thing, as far as I can tell so far.

But why believe me?   Perhaps this whole misadventure is an extended exercise in twisted thinking.  If you have funding you can make things happen, hire everyone you need to get things done.  If you lack funding you can, with persistence and a little luck, learn everything you need to know and do as much as you can by yourself. Including, apparently, heading off from time to time to a romantic spot to fuck yourself.

 note from google search:


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