Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Update

I have been getting calls, and now collection letters, regarding an unpaid $81 toward a discounted $131 deductible (a savings of $119 over the list price!)  from a quick pre-colonoscopy consultation I was required to have last October.  I’d been told the procedure was fully covered as preventive care, except, apparently for the visit to the gastroenterologist to shake his hand and give his receptionist my $50 copay the week before.  There were also a few hundred in fees, it turns out, because a polyp had been sent to the lab for analysis.  Lab fees, obviously, have nothing to do with the preventive procedure.

“Why am I required to pay $100 by check on the day of the procedure if the procedure is fully covered by the premium I pay every month?” I asked the woman at the hospital.  She didn’t know, but the procedure would not be done without the payment.  I paid.

Fast forward eight months, calls to the insurance company regarding charges, conversations with the doctor’s office.   Eight months of demands and threats and finally another letter from a lawyer who specializes in collection.    My position is that I’ve already paid the $81 in the form of that $100 check nobody can seem to justify.  

Out of the blue, yesterday, another envelope from the hospital.   Without any explanation, a check, written out to me, for $100.


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