That you have, with increasing cunning, greatly limited the chances of any but a few for having anything like that prosperous life advertised constantly on TV, movie, smart phone.

Granted, you have planted bitter hopelessness in the lives of millions, while smiling and taking bows, and praising your own exceptional greatness and generosity.  

Granted some of your most generous ilk made $45,000,000 last year, mostly in speakers’ fees, speaking off the cuff, and you are very droll and charismatic.

Granted, those fated to have almost nothing will get ever less and the three hots and a cot in a privatized facility will begin to look good as a free alternative to grad school.  That or going for the glory and ending in a hail of bullets.  

Granted, a family of one cannot actually live on $400 a week, but that is way too much to expect successful people to pay for unskilled, menial help.

Granted, the rantings of one silent, solitary voice here don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy mixed up world.

I don’t know where this song comes from, I certainly don’t recall choosing it among all the songs in the world.  But while there is breath here to sing it, sing it I will.


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