Political bite of the day

From my congressman, who recently voted against giving this and the future president the authority to negotiate international trade deals in secret and have them voted “yes” or “no” in a fast track toward his or her desk for signature:

While I voted YES on the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) to extend AGOA, I am not fully supportive of the trade package which I believe should be more inclusive to ensure our workforce is better equipped with education, jobs training and modernized infrastructure. I will continue to fight for measures that will make certain Americans are globally competitive.

And let us sign his name to it:


Charles Rangel

What is TAA?   Let’s see:

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that would aid workers who lose their jobs due to international trade deals. The measure previously passed the Senate and now goes to President Barack Obama’s desk. Obama has said he wants to sign the worker aid bill and the “fast track” trade authority bill. Fast track has already cleared Congress. Just six House Democrats voted no on the aid bill. Most Democrats voted against it two weeks ago to slow the fast track bill, but were ultimately unable to defeat the trade authority sought by Obama.


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