Talking to Myself

I mentioned to a friend a while back that I often speak aloud when alone, sometimes in thick foreign accents.  At times these outbursts greatly amuse me.  I felt a little mad mentioning the laughing fits I sometimes have while alone.  

“I do the same thing,” said my friend, another fellow who loves a good laugh.

Late at night exhausted Sekhnet has been maniacally practicing her Spanish with an app called Duolingo.   She’s also mastered a lot of French vocabulary using Duolingo, though she has no idea how to pronounce the language, which, as all Americans know, is very fwah tah tahn.  For some reason one night I heard the words “el pais” pronounced enough times over her smart phone that I soon found myself, in moments of silence, lowering my voice an octave or two and saying “el pais!”.

Sekhnet has a new surveillance camera for her apartment in Sekhnetville where I spent a few hours yesterday.  It apparently catches snips of any motion it detects.  She was chuckling over the snip of me, by the door, saying “El Pais!” to nobody, in a deep voice and with great emphasis.   This is ridiculous enough, but then I turned to pick up my sandwich on a plate and apparently said to it “come on, Pah-eesy” and took it into her other apartment to watch the latest episode of Ray Dawnovan.


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