Enraged Asshole

“Well, look, Elie, rage is the most terrifying and destructive human emotion.  We can all relate to that, I suppose, from both sides.  Horrible as it is to be the recipient of rage, rage unleashes a phantom surge of powerfulness, but really, as we’ve discussed, rage is a response to intolerable powerlessness.  Real rage comes from the deepest shame.  

“We can’t bear shame, which is intensely painful, so we lash out.  We can’t strike at the thing that causes us shame, most of the time, so we find someone weak to attack, someone we can beat to a fucking pulp.  Something that can’t kill us after we smash it in the face.  That’s why most people reserve rage for their loved ones.

“You have it in national politics now, the politics of rage and shame, a response to enforced powerlessness.  People are angry, for many reasons, many of them valid.  You live in a country where you’re now forced to buy private health insurance.  You buy it.  You’re having chest pains, left arm hurts, your doctor advises you to get to an Emergency Room.  You present your insurance card at the ER.  A month later a bill comes for many thousands of dollars– your sole responsibility to pay.  

“The contract you signed with your insurance company informs you quite clearly, on page 75, that where your insurance is accepted is a matter you are solely responsible to determine before accepting any medical services, even if you are on a stretcher, or unconscious, even if you’re admitted to the hospital as a cardiac patient.  There are a million aggravating things like that for most people in a hundred areas of American life.  

“So you rage.  You are powerless.  You don’t have an army of millionaire lobbyists making laws for your benefit and protection.  That power belongs to the super wealthy ‘persons’ called corporations.  Period.  Work for a corporation and you may be OK in certain ways, although you will also be subject, many times, to the arbitrary will of a powerful psychopath.  Work for yourself?  Better have a lot of money before you start out on that path.  

“Anyway, there is a tremendous amount of free-floating rage out there in America.  You see it immediately as soon as you get behind the wheel of a car.  Some of your fellow drivers clearly don’t give a fuck if you, or they, die.  You can read about it in the paper every day, more Americans shot to death.  Road rage.  Disputes that get out of hand.  It’s not the guns that kill people, of course, Elie, it’s the rage.  A law against rage?  Hah!  Fuck you!

“Anyway, you have to get outside now, so I’ll leave you with this.  The president you have now is a brand, like all of them are, like President Hope and Change was.  This guy’s brand is anger, anger and winning.  He is angry about everything, always, even when he wins.  He’s angry that millions of dead Mexican rapists fraudulently voted against him, depriving him of a victory in the popular vote that the media fraudulently claims he lost.  What is his solution?  He momentarily fixates and rages.  An angry denier, perfect man to lead the greatest nation the world has ever known, wouldn’t you say, Elie?”

The cancerous, zombie chickens of American Exceptionalism coming home to roost, dad.


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