They will kill you, Elie

“You may see this new era, with its sudden desperation, the army of full-throated angry Americans whipped up by a cynical and clever Minister of Public Enlightenment advising an impulsive, emotionally unbalanced Chief Executive, as an opportunity for you, Elie, but you should also beware,” said the skeleton of my father.  “They will have not a second’s hesitation to take any and all steps, including launching a Hellfire missile, to take your smart ass out of the game if you ever pose the slightest threat to anybody.”  

You know, this is something I’ve not been able to convey to anyone during the long, mostly fruitless eight year rule by the well-liked and well-hated Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mr. Obama.  They used to warn Cheney that the powers he was grabbing for the Unitary Executive might feel good when you had Bush in office, but that President Hillary Clinton with all that power might not feel so good to Cheney.  Cheney, Mr. Darkside, the personification of evil, told those people to go fuck themselves.  The rest, as they say, is history.  

“The American president, thanks to Obama’s courageous innovation, no longer need concern himself with the quaint and antiquated notion of ‘due process’ when your on target nerve-probing comes to his attention.   Say you achieve a modest degree of success in creating a voracious twelve mouthed funnel bringing masses of people to your platform, your, until now, little read work product here on this blahg.  The NSA can easily access everything you’ve ever written now, like a time machine, they’ve already gathered all your emails, phone records, the works, they just have to pull it up.  Reading it over they will easily see a long pattern of griping and many direct insults to powerful people who now have the absolute right to put you on a secret kill list and, literally, blow you into a thousand bloody shards.”  

I doubt very much I’ll be targeted for anything until after people like Jeremy Scahill, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and many, many thousands of others, perhaps millions, get whacked.  Obviously, I take your point, though, especially since, once again, it is, coincidentally, exactly my point.  

Look up Anwar al-Awlaki now and every mention of him connects him to Al Q’eada, intimating that his extra-judicial execution was well-deserved as the dangerous number two or three man to Osama bin Laden himself.  The New York Times, of course, identifies Awlaki this way.  Wikipedia remains uncorrected in this too.  I’m no friend of murderous fanatics, but, for fuck’s sake, when you look at the fucking facts of this case you will not applaud, as Bill Maher gloatingly did, the execution of this fellow American and, quite a few days later, his 16 year-old American born son, and today, we learn, his eight year-0ld daughter, shot to death by SEALs yesterday.    

Awlaki was one of America’s go-to imams after the 9/11 attacks. American born, telegenic, well-spoken, reasonable, he was on TV many times, sought for interviews by many major media sources.   The FBI found out a couple of the Washington DC based 9/11 killers had attended services at the large Virginia mosque where Awlaki conducted services.  They probed for connections, found nothing very promising but began surveillance and— whoa! Awlaki was having regular sessions with prostitutes!   The fucking hypocrite!

The whores interviewed liked him, he was apparently a decent guy who just wanted sex.  The FBI grabbed him, warned him that if he kept up his increasingly critical comments about the Bush administration’s wars against multiple Muslim countries, his wife and family might not be so happy to watch the videos of what he did in his spare time, if you take my fucking meaning, my friend.  

He eventually left the U.S. with his family and went back to live in his father’s country, Yemen.  He was increasingly vocal in his criticism of America’s worldwide jihad against Muslims.   The Yemenis grabbed him at one point, and, at the request of the Americans, kept him locked up, without charges or trial, for about a year and a half.  Much of this time he was in solitary confinement.

 “Well, let’s be accurate here, he wasn’t locked up without charges.  He was locked up for some kind of alleged conspiracy with Al Q’eada supporters, he was accused of planning to kidnap somebody, or something, but they never followed up on the charges, outside of tossing him into a hole for more than a year to meditate on American justice,” said the skeleton.  

When he comes out of prison he’s not convinced, oddly enough, that America is conducting a righteous search for a discrete group of murderous fanatics.  The Muslim still seems to believe that America has declared worldwide war on Islam.

“You get this detailed story from Jeremy Scahill’s 2013 NY Times best seller Dirty Wars and his documentary of the same name.  The book was read by a lot of people, not all of whom buy his premise about Awlaki and how he was killed, not only without trial, but without being charged with any specific crime.  ‘Enemy combatant’ suffices to land one on the kill list, and that designating is done at the sole discretion of the sitting president.  NPR, to take but one prominent example,  voiced some skepticism, they tell their large audience:

But Scahill goes on to argue, far more controversially, that the late cleric’s militancy was a direct result of American overkill and hostility toward Islam. Indeed, as we watch footage of Scahill and surviving relatives gazing sadly at home movies of the family, Awlaki comes close to being portrayed as an innocent victim.

“It is, without question, very controversial to try to increase public knowledge of secret wars, and secret kill lists, and secret programs that violate civil liberties up to and including depriving American citizens of their fundamental, but apparently not inalienable, right not to be deprived of life without due process of law,” said the skeleton.  “If you think the current president’s Muslim ban is bad, what do you think about the secret killing of many Muslim children by drones that first drive them insane, and then reduce them to bloody streaks on the rocks?”

You’re still a fucking commie, dad, even there in your eternal rest.  

“There’s not a shred of proof linking me to the Communists,” said the skeleton.  

The thing that chills me to the bone, and it apparently chills Jimmy Dore, who identifies himself as a night club comedian who tells dick jokes to drunks,  as much as it does me, is that no critical conversation of certain things is allowed in public discourse today.    Obama good, Bush bad.  Bush secret kill list bad, Obama secret kill list good.  As Dore points out, Obama is NICE.  He’s nice!  If he kills a 16 year-old American with a missile launched from a drone, turns the American kid into chopped meat, the little asshole must have done something to deserve it, no?  You don’t want to come close to portraying someone a good man, a thoughtful man, ordered a hit on as an innocent victim.

“The U.S. didn’t even try to refute the fact that Awlaki’s kid had nothing to do with anything.  The smug press secretary just said the little asshole should have been more careful about who he ‘chose’ for his father.  Which echoes the famous good advice to slum dwellers, pick your parents better, assholes, and don’t complain about your own poor choices,” said the skeleton.  

You’re a godless goddamned commie, dad.  

“Takes one to know one,” said the skeleton, “drone you later, asshole.”

I leave you with this, from today’s fucking news, discovered when I went to verify the proper spelling of al-Awlaki’s name:

The (dead) child’s mother, Anwar al-Awlaki’s widow, survived the raid with a minor wound, according to Nasser al-Awlaki. However, Anwar al-Awlaki’s brother-in-law was killed in the raid. The death toll varies according to the sourcing, with the Pentagon saying 14 militants died, along with “numerous” civilians. Nasser al-Awlaki said Yemenis were circulating a body count of combatants and civilians as high as 59.     source

fair and balanced coverage of the same story



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