Consumer info for people screwed by The New York State of Health

I post this as a public service for New York State health insurance consumers at the mercy of the merciless New York State of Health Marketplace.  

The identity of the person responsible for the public “marketplace” where otherwise uninsured New York State consumers are mandated to buy health insurance is a closely guarded secret within that public agency.  Representatives of the agency are forbidden to disclose the identity of the executive director they work for.  I have confirmed many times over that this is the actual policy of this public agency.  

The likeliest reason for this policy of secrecy is that she doesn’t want 1,000 overwrought letters a day complaining of the mind boggling, blood boiling, heart attack inducing inefficiency of the bureaucracy she oversees.  And who could blame her?  Would you want your secretary bogged down with an endless tray of badly written complaints?

Fortunately there was a letter to this elusive public official posted on the internet.  Here is the unaccountable political appointee’s contact information:

Ms. Donna Frescatore 
Executive Director 
New York State of Health 
New York State Department of Health 
Corning Tower 

Empire State Plaza Albany, NY 12237

Drop her a line, please give her my best.  

And as they tell you at the New York State of Health Marketplace, after a long call that fixes nothing, thanks for calling and have a nice day!

And as I answered today, through gritted teeth, after a 20 minute exercise in self-control to pronounce the word “yes” to the person in the proper office to confirm that I still wanted the appeal I asked for a month or two back, “it was my pleasure.”


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