New low for an attack on POTUS

Heard this just now, Amy Goodman stating that the president owns shares in Raytheon, the company that makes Tomahawk missiles, 59 of which were launched from a destroyer in the Mediterranean the other day in Operation Immediate Revenge for Killing Beautiful Babies.   Raytheon stock prices apparently surged after the attack.  Goodman noted that POTUS reaped an immediate, direct financial profit on the missile strike he ordered.

The reader should note, full disclosure, that this armament maker’s stock may have soared recently, but their own website informs us that Raytheon is making outer space a safer place and also remains committed to promoting the interests of women.

Hearing from Amy Goodman that each Tomahawk missile launched costs around $1.4 million (the actual sticker price is a debatable secret, of course, estimates I’ve seen range from $1M to $1.87M ) I took out my calculator.  The recent missile strike, with its fifty-nine Tomahawks, based on Amy Goodman’s middle number, cost an estimated $82,600,000 in fireworks.   That’s about twenty-five presidential trips to Mar-a-largo, which appear to go for around $3,300,000 each.  Or 165 days of protection for the First Lady, who lives in New York City, based on the $500,000/day number reported by the New York Times and adjusted down by Snopes [1].

Of course, conservative die-hards will counter that all this money pales next to the scale of the real cheating that has been going on for years, bleeding our great country dry.  Unscrupulous, immoral, lazy grifters with an unquenchable sense of entitlement who own multiple pink Cadillacs and milk the system like an industrial farm milks its thousands of cows.   Buying filet mignon with their food stamps while the children of other “poor people” belly up to huge free meals at school, climbing on the plush entitlement wagon early at liberal give-away programs like Head Start.

I have learned that it is fruitless to argue with a zealot.  In the long run the missiles blown up in Syria, and the money POTUS allegedly made from his decision, are only distractions from the much darker, deeper story, the “nuclear option” used to install a new Scalia on the Supreme Court, after the previous president was unscrupulously stripped of his Constitutional authority to nominate a replacement when Scalia died.

I saw Mitch McConnell interviewed the other day.  McConnell is the spokesman for partisans who refused to allow hearings on Merrick Garland and invoked the “nuclear option” on Friday to allow appointment, by filibuster-proof simple majority (exceedingly simple in this case) of a reliable right wing corporatist.  McConnell’s side of the interview was a collage of rabbit-faced two beat laughs.  In answer to every question about denying Obama a hearing on his moderate Supreme Court pick, or ramming this new Supreme Court justice through in record time, and changing long-standing rules to do so, McConnell gave that fake, two beat laugh, showing his radiant rodent smile.   Perhaps he was coming under the desk during the interview, that would explain the uncomfortable fake laugh.  He should be excited enough to ejaculate, one would think, after the giddy capers he’s pulled in recent days.  

Showing that he is a man with out-sized testicles, Mr. McConnell [2] has been quick to attack Democrats for “unprecedented” opposition to the new president’s pick, even as his party has taken radically unprecedented steps to thwart the former president, denying so much as a hearing on Garland and even shutting down the government and damaging the nation’s reputation and credit rating in the process (at an ongoing cost of billions of dollars) [3].

What say you about this, Mr. McConnell?  You guessed it, the two-beat, rabbit-faced laugh.  


[1]  Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill lowered that estimate in a 21 February 2017 letter to the state congressional delegation, saying that it cost $24 million to protect the First Family between the election and the inauguration, or $11 million less than de Blasio’s request. The letter also included estimates for security costs for both the First Lady and the President:

On days when Mr. Trump is not in the city, the department estimates that it costs $127,000 to $146,000 a day “to protect the first lady and her son while they reside in Trump Tower.” On days when Mr. Trump is in New York City — he has not yet returned since his inauguration — the Police Department anticipates “an average daily rate of $308,000.”

That would come out to about $50 million a year if Mr. Trump avoided returning to Manhattan, or just over $60 million if he began returning on weekends.


[2]  The New York Times once referred to Bo Diddley and Eric Clapton as Mr. Diddley and Mr. Clapton.

[3]   I loved this line from about the actual cost of the 2013 Republican shutdown of the government under Obama, a cost apparently wildly exaggerated by angry Democrats:   

But estimates for total economic cost only range from $12 billion to $24 billion.



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