Obama/Romneycare Update

Finally had my appeal at the New York State of Health (NYSOH).  It was done over the phone by an Administrative Law Judge who identified himself only as “Steve”.   Only five months after the determination that I do not qualify for the subsidy on my premium, called “the tax credit”, even though my income clearly does qualify.   These things are complicated, as everybody knows.  It’s not as if anybody at NYSOH can punch in my projected 2017 income and see the exact amount of the subsidy the law entitles me to within three to five seconds.  Oh, actually, they can.

Here was the problem.  There is apparently a regulation, at NYSOH, not necessarily unpublished, but virtually impossible to find or even learn about.  It could be part of some other administrative code, possibly the CFR or some New York State code, also not easily accessible, but nonetheless on the books and available to extremely tenacious members of the public.  This reg allows NYSOH, in the case of a citizen who files a tax extension and files a return after the 4/15 deadline, to disqualify an otherwise qualified citizen from receiving a future tax credit he is otherwise eligible for.   Nothing arbitrary or capricious about that, obviously.

If one knows this is the reason, they can provide a copy of the tax return, and something called a tax transcript (and beware, there are several kinds, and only one will work– also, they cannot be requested on-line, or over the phone, the IRS is very, very busy), and, technically, the disqualification should be “cured” and the tax credit retroactively restored.  

That’s not how it works in Donna Frescatore’s nominally public agency.  If I were an employee of NYSOH I’d be violating their strict stated policy by revealing the name of the public agency’s director, but… luckily, I don’t work for her.   I am sure, by the way, that she is lovely and highly qualified, and very concerned.  I’d be the last person to suggest that she is an uninvolved, disinterested and unaccountable political appointee.

So, anyway, I was disqualified from the tax credit I’m eligible for, for a reason that was never disclosed to me, and not notified of my ability to “cure” the disqualifying event.  Relatively straight-forward, if you have a lawyer to research it and explain it all to you.   I “cured” the situation in February.  Nobody at NYSOH looked at the uploaded documents or made any kind of reassessment based on them, I was already scheduled for an appeal, which would be held within three to six months.

Steve was very professional, unlike the previous Appeals officer, who called two months after my vexing problem was behind me (being kicked off health insurance for two full months because of an error a telephone rep made while “helping me” against my strenuous objections) who could not grasp the concept of “mootness” (too late for the court to do anything about something that already happened, did it’s damage and was already fixed to the extent it can be).  Steve promised me his written decision.  In terms of a timeline, he answered that the law gives him ninety days.  He suggested it would be sooner than that.

I say call Obamacare by it’s correct name, Romneycare.  Romney is a very rich man whose wealth, we hear, is largely based on what some judgmental people call “Vulture Capitalism”.  These vulture entrepreneurs look for lucrative companies which they can strip down to bare bones, making them “lean” and sexy for resale.  They get rid of “fat”, employees, employee benefits, services offered by the company, things like that.  Once they’ve trimmed down a company for sale at a discount price, they sell it to the highest bidder.  It’s like flipping a house, but on a huge scale that effects many more people. 

Let’s call Obama what he was, is, will always be.  Sekhnet urged me to make no reference to what Bill Maher recklessly called himself the other day.   Fine.   Yeah, Obama was hated by entrenched racist fucks in both houses of Congress, as well as by a significant portion of the American people, many of whom still believe he is a Kenyan Muslim.   Many Americas, as shown by our last election, would rather have an unabashed  sexual predator with a tenuous relationship to facts as president than someone with 50% African genes, or even someone endorsed by such a person.  Let’s leave his race out of it then.   Yes, he was constrained in what he could accomplish, as all presidents are.   Let me, therefore, just call him what he also is:  a smarter, hipper, better looking, better speechifying, more charismatic Mitt Romney.   You read it here first, in the fake, liberal wordpress. 







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