The Reason I Know Flag Day is also DJT Day

I was a bit harsh on the late night comedians the other day.  They really do serve a vital purpose in our democracy, beyond making us laugh and being an escape valve for the relentless feeling of helplessness all but a super-privileged few experience in the face of the policies and priorities of our democratic republic.  Trevor Noah, Colbert, Seth Meyer, Samantha Bee and their ilk inform us, put things plainly that are obscured by millionaire media assholes who perform for their advertisers without the sense of humor.  

It does relatively little to report that the Attorney General may not have been entirely truthful in his sworn testimony in front of a senate committee.    Playing the clip of what he said while tap dancing at the hearing, and then playing a collage of clips where he said the opposite a few weeks, or days, earlier, as the late night comedians routinely do?   Priceless.

The president had a film crew on hand the other day to make a record of his first full cabinet meeting.  Reince Preibus, a man with the best name for his job this side of Rex Tillerson and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the Turd, began by telling the president with an ingratiating smile, on behalf of the entire White House staff, what a privilege, honor, blessing, benison, stroke of good fortune it is to serve this remarkable and historic president.  They went around the table, each one declaring similar sentiments.  Among the well-wishers, Ben Carson may have unintentionally spoken a sobering truth by his selection of a verb tense: Mr. President, it’s been a great honor to work with you.   

The president smiled graciously.   Then he addressed the group and informed them that although he had declared his candidacy on June 16, a candidacy that nobody could believe, leading to a presidency that nobody can believe, his birthday is actually June 14.   “Flag day,” I thought, when I heard it.  Anyway, that’s how I know today is the president’s birthday.   I laugh now, admittedly without that much mirth, thinking of the merciless imitation of the child-president by Trevor Noah, done in connection with the surprise announcement of his birthday.  

If I was a nicer guy, or in a better mood, or truly the selfless servant of my reader(s), I would find the wonderful moments I am thinking of, place the links here.  There is a feature on youTube that allows you to copy a link to the exact moment you want a friend (or hated enemy, or whatever) to see.   I could scroll through one of Trevor Noah’s wonderful pieces and find that moment where he does the president as a spoiled child of less than average intelligence.   I could find that great expression Seth Meyers makes in a comedically pregnant pause following a freeze frame from the president’s photo op/cabinet meeting.  But my attitude today, in honor of our president’s birthday, is fuck you.  Seriously, and sincerely, you can all go fucking fuck yourselves.    

Anyway, at the risk (even certainty) of being redundant, that’s how I know that today is the president’s birthday.  I could look up how old he is today,  I’m pretty sure it’s either seventy-one or three, but, honestly, who gives a shit?  

If I was sending him an electronic birthday card today, I’d include this link.  I told you I’m in a foul mood today.   For a fascinating discussion of the Emoluments Clause violations charges Democrats are bringing against the birthday boy, clickez ici.   God bless.


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