McConnell’s Secret Kick in the Diaper

As despicable as steely-eyed, chinless tortoise Mitch McConnell is, there’s a certain sly irony in him protecting the murderous Trumpcare bill from public scrutiny as zealously as the president he hated and vowed to thwart hid legislation he knew was shameful.  If the public knew the details of this “health care bill” giveaway to the richest at the expense of everybody else there would be massive outrage– supporters of the bill would be primaried and run out of office.    So they do it the principled way that unpopular, troubling laws are always done, in secret.

The shameless McConnell and his ilk keep the details of this punitive (except to the richest among us) proposed American Health Care Law secret while trying to ram the exceedingly ugly bill through in the darkness of night for the president to sign.  Not so different than the way  President Transparency proceeded with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) flimflam, though, since McConnell and Ryan are playing directly with the daily life and death of millions of citizens, the stakes are even higher.  The result is likely to be serious as preexisting cancer.  

Obama knew there were enough corporate giveaways in the TPP to outrage millions, so he made sure there was less than full transparency about the details.  To be a bit more transparent, Obama made sure there was no transparency or public debate whatsoever prior to his fast track up or down vote.  

McConnell is a corrupt, despicable, hypocritical villain with testicles larger than his head, but Obama doesn’t get a pass from me because he was a great comedian who spoke beautifully, and proudly wore a blue hat, but did the same sickeningly anti-democratic thing whenever circumstances “demanded” it.  

I’ll always hold those drones against him, the ones we know about that killed completely innocent people in the name of the War On Terror.   The missile that killed Mamana Bibi the 67 year-old midwife, and the one that killed innocent 16 year-old American citizen Abdulrahim, a kid who liked hiphop and had not even a suggestion of a capital charge against him.  Obliterated, along with countless other innocents, by the complicated, supremely practical Nobel Peace Prize laureate.   One more reason to keep policies like this as secret as possible, a reasonable politician reasons, reasonably.

That said, these guys in there now, determined to strike down every bit of the legacy of the Negro Democrat they were united in hatred of, are probably the worst guys we’ve ever had in charge of everything.


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