My apologies for all this political “poop” lately

I am truly sorry to be as distracted as everyone I know by the political rumblings from the bowels of a powerful, highly successful reality TV brand (and, of course, the legislators who ride his gassy underbelly like suckers on a giant shark).  A U.S. fighter jet shot down a weaponized drone, made in Iran, over the skies of Syria.  A cop who shot a burst of bullets into a car, killing a man reaching for the driver’s license the cop demanded, was acquitted of all charges by a jury who presumably saw this video.   The Republican Senate has vowed to pass a secret replacement for IllegitimateMuslimPresidentcare before they go home to celebrate the Independence Day Recess.   The worst of the worst are doubling down, the intellectuals among them, in moments of candor, citing opinionated anti-Communist Ayn Rand as the philosophical foundation for their anti-human beliefs.  Fucking freedom is on the march.

Amy Goodman discusses the media silence on the Republican scheme to replace the Affordable Care Act with a tax giveaway to the wealthiest Americans.  She speaks with Katrina Vanden Heuvel, who has deemed the media’s focus on Russian involvement in the 2016 election (with scant coverage of the rest of the Republican’s ‘toxic agenda’)  “media malpractice.”      The brutal, anti-democratic tactics of politicians like McConnell get buried in the news, if mentioned at all.  Democrats, unfortunately also bought and paid for, are not making effective noise to oppose the Secret Tax/Health Bill.   They continue to rely on and speak facts, while their political opponents continue to scream bloody murder and set their base into a rage.  Guess which tactic works better here in America?

Once again, we have to turn to a comedian to get the condensed, truthful story.  Go, Trevor.  He points out how well Republican lies about Death Panels and other completely fabricated details of the hated Obama’s proposed health care law played during the long, vicious debate over extending health insurance to some of the many millions of Americans who had no access to health insurance. Their arguably unprincipled opposition resulted in many amendments to the law they claim was shoved down their throats in a partisan Congress.

While making America Great Again, why not restore that boon to our great American healthcare industry known as the preexisting condition?  Only sick bastards could object to that one.   Submit to whatever it is.  You have no choice anyway, consumers.  Submission is God’s will.   Have a blessed day!


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