Daily Puking Points

Talking points are not enough at this time.  Words have been reduced to funny sounds, signifying whatever the spin doctors say they now signify, regardless of whatever they may have meant five seconds ago. What we need now are good puking points.  Here  are a couple of quick ones, from American hero Amy Goodman.  

I can hear the clucking, so what if 198,000,000 information-rich American voter profiles were placed on-line for weeks by the Republican National Committee’s voting analytics data mining branch, Deep Root Analytics?  So what?  James “Toxic Turd” Mitchell and Bruce “Dickface” Jessen, psychologists paid tens of millions by Cheney and Bush to design the American torture program?  Ancient history, so what?  The U.S. appears to be currently participating in, or is at least complicit in (we deny it), the interrogation and torture of  detainees in Yemen today?  So what?  If it’s even true, the president is only keeping a campaign promise to do a lot worse than water-boarding.  They fucking hate our freedom.  What should we do, tickle ’em?

Ah say, Ah say, boy



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