Brought to you by our friends the Saudis

Armed with a new $110,000,000,000 shitload of top-of-the-line American military technology, supported by U.S. reconnaissance drones, our longtime ally Saudi Arabia is turning Yemen into a disease ridden slaughterhouse.  

Here is an excellent short-form report on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen from Frontline.  It is happening right now, and we are supporting it.

Take a few minutes to look at what the richest country in the Middle East is doing to the poorest country in the region.  Every ten minutes another child dies in Yemen, of a preventable cause.  Seven million Yemenis face famine, cholera has reached epidemic proportions.   

Our president, after dining with the Saudi royal family, and a clumsy sword dance, promises to get our buddies the Saudis a “good deal” on that great American weaponry.   Thumbs up for the photo op.  This wealthy cynic is not the first American to do this dance with the Saudis, nor will he be the last.


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