Son of To Whom It May Go Fuck Yourself

The Honorable Eric Schneiderman Attorney General of New York The Capitol Albany, NY 12224-0341 Dear Mr. Attorney General,   I am writing to alert you to a massive consumer protection failure in New York State and to seek your help in correcting it. There is currently no state agency meaningfully overseeing the practices of private […]

Letter to Whom It May Go Fuck Yourself

Office of the Attorney General The Capitol Albany, NY 12224-0341 Honorable Attorney General Schneiderman: I am writing to enlist your efforts to remedy the lack of state oversight of health insurance companies under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”). I have admired the courageous and proactive steps your office has taken against the […]

Family History

Last winter, in the context of talking about the endless ms. I’m working on about my father’s world, a friend told me about a memoir of a holocaust-era family history she’d picked up.  It was written by a Jewish fellow our age, who, like us, had grandparents who came to America shortly before the Nazis […]

Divergent Approaches to Life

I realize it’ll be hard to write this without sounding like an overbearingly judgmental asshole.  I may be setting myself another impossible task today.   For one thing, we live in a society whose values I consider insane, one where “winning” is the only goal, admitting fault and sincerely apologizing are often derided as weakness, the […]

Writing to Survive

Leaving aside my increasing need to make a few copeks from writing, somehow, I have been writing recently to survive.    I’ve been writing out, as clearly as I can,  what I need to try to digest in order to keep my frustrations from crushing me.  There is something to be said for closely studying […]

Fact-based weakness

The sad fact is that facts don’t win many arguments here in America.   Superior debating skills don’t win American political debates.   We are predisposed to take in facts that agree with our worldview and dismiss, or be impervious to, ones that contradict it.  Humans are emotional beings who will charge into enemy fire […]