Son of To Whom It May Go Fuck Yourself

The Honorable Eric Schneiderman Attorney General of New York The Capitol Albany, NY 12224-0341 Dear Mr. Attorney General,   I am writing to alert you to a massive consumer protection failure in New York State and to seek your help in correcting it. There is currently no state agency meaningfully overseeing the practices of private […]

Letter to Whom It May Go Fuck Yourself

Office of the Attorney General The Capitol Albany, NY 12224-0341 Honorable Attorney General Schneiderman: I am writing to enlist your efforts to remedy the lack of state oversight of health insurance companies under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”). I have admired the courageous and proactive steps your office has taken against the […]

A Few words about Isaac Babel

Isaac Babel was a Jewish writer from Odessa, born in 1894, not terribly far from where my mother’s people come from.  My grandparents were five or six years younger than him.   A kind of prodigy who wrote fluently in French as well as in Russian, and a great admirer of Guy de Maupassant, he […]

Reminder: Thou Shall Not Kill

I hurt my knee.  It hurts like hell in certain positions, like a scalpel being inserted point-first into the patella.   If I sit too long and try to stand, or even just straighten my leg, scalpel into patella time.   I am trying a knee brace, not bending the leg when I sit, but […]