Keep Your Ahimsa sharp



gradient by Crayola (markers, two sets)


two self-evident truths

Crude calligraphy aside, we hold these two to be self-evident.  

The first means “the law does not concern itself with trifles”, a self-evident yet supremely aggravating truth to everyone fucked without a remedy at law.

The second means “first do no harm” and it is one we should all try to live by, is it not?


Mettez le crayon sur le pupitre

My sister and I both took French in school.  Any time the subject came up our father would chirp “mettez le crayon sur le pupitre”.    Put the pencil on the desk.

Years later, when the subject of French came up in my uncle’s house my uncle immediately chirped “mettez le crayon sur le pupitre.”  My sister and I both laughed.   

My uncle explained:  we had the same French teacher. 

Obamacare 101

You know it’s a well-designed, consumer-friendly health care program when the second item on the phone menu at your state’s private insurance health exchange is:  

“Press two if you are an in-person assister which includes navigators, brokers, certified application counselors and health plan facilitated enrollers.”