Was Rigoletto a hunchback?

I thought of Rigoletto out of the blue just now.  I seem to recall my mother, a great opera fan, telling me that Rigoletto was a hunch-back.   I asked Jeeves if that was so.

Rigoletto (pronounced [riɡoˈletto]) is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi. … Its tragic story revolves around the licentious Duke of Mantua, his hunch-backed court jester Rigoletto and Rigoletto’s beautiful daughter Gilda.

You can’t make this shit up (though somebody, apparently, did).

Why Do We Pay Tribute to the Baron?

A serf boy asks his father why they pay rent to the Baron.  Not only rent, says the boy, the Baron gets ninety per cent of our crops.  And I notice, says the boy, that mom sometimes goes to the Baron’s, in his carriage, and while she’s gone you’re always in a violent mood. “Why do we have to pay tribute to the Baron, who doesn’t even seem like a nice man?”

“We pay tribute to the Baron so that he will protect us from other barons,” says the father, the boy staring at the man’s clenched fists.

Too self-evident to say

“You know, one side of me was always angry that you were trying to force me to say what was too obvious to need saying.   Maybe there was a point to your demand.  It changes the conversation to say that the only reason to oppose an anti-lynching law is because you want the right to keep lynching people.”

“Mah constituents will not be bound by a federal anti-lynching law, suh, nor will ah betray them by voting for one!”  

“But everyone should have openly and repeatedly said what those people were demanding  — the right to murder and terrorize.”

In praise of a dead dictator

A Castro supporter on the radio just now spoke of free medical care and higher education for all Cubans.  Typical.

Any free market American Exceptionalist will plainly see these things for what they are: shameless Communist apologist propaganda.   In a free market things like health insurance and  higher education are best left to free enterprise.  

Literacy, another of the dead dictator’s alleged legacies to the people of Cuba, also, highly overrated in the age of smart phones.

Worst from an American Exceptionalist perspective: in Castro’s Cuba, nobody born entitled to makes a dime on health care or education.   SAD.