Insect Attitude

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Reading a well-written page is like having a delicious snack.  I noticed this as I read Jon Katz’s “Saving Simon” just now, as I do whenever I read a bit of Umberto Eco’s masterfully hateful “The Prague Cemetery”.   Reading a good sentence is just a pleasure.

Vibrato, dynamics, the attack of a string, playing in and out of time, laying in a succulent part, leaving space– incomprehensible abstractions to most people, unless they play guitar and have the sensitivity to notice such things.

A well-written sentence?  Even a cat will nod, when the words are set out just right.

penmanship 101


note to kids:  because there is no smell-checker for drawings, and visual artists frequently are not the world’s best spellers, the word “pusillanimous”, meaning ‘marked by contemptible timidity, cowardice’, has been misspelled above.  Sorry about zat.  Always spell that shit with two ‘els’, kids